Going overseas

Last fall I was honoured to get the opportunity to spend the first two months of the school year in Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Washington D.C. It was not only my first time in America but also my first time that I stayed with another family for such a long period of time – that is whyInesUlz2.jpg I was very excited to travel. At the beginning I always wondered if I will fit in or if it will be hard to get new friends but in the end it turned out that my doubts were completely unnecessary. As soon as I met my host family I felt welcomed all along. They cared very much for me and did the best they could to make me enjoy my stay. The same happened at my first day at the Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.

I got to make international contacts with the students and in addition with other exchange girls from Colombia, Spain, France and China. I am very happy to say that these acquaintances turned out into real friendships so that I am still in touch with a lot of them who even invited me into their home country. I must also thank all the great teachers at Stone Ridge who treated me like any other student which enabled me to improve my English and to gain self-confidence. A special thanks goes to Dr. Cavey who was my adviser and sometimes gave me the feeling like being at home by having German conversations with him.

I am proud and grateful for every single experience I was allowed to make - from normal school days to spirit days, social action days or the moments with my host family. Besides I am also especially thankful that I can call myself a member of the school community of the Sacred Heart which helped me to make my exchange  possible.

At this point it is my aim to encourage other students who are interested in this project to live up their dreams and to apply for going abroad.

Ines Ulz, Sacred Heart Grammar School Vienna, Austria