My Experience in Vienna
My name is Fernanda Márquez and I am Fernanda-2.jpgfrom Mexico City. I attend Sacred Heart School in Mexico and I was an exchange student at Sacré Coeur Wien for one month. From the moment I arrived at the airport, my host family and their two daughters Cara and Olivia received me with a smile and open arms. They were absolutely nice to me and they were always trying to make me feel at home.
I visited many incredible places in Vienna, Fernanda-3.jpgand I tried different types of food that I didn't even know existed. In school, all the teachers and students were very friendly and they helped me during the classes when I didn't understand something and included me in their activities. They taught me a lot of things about their culture, traditions, and language and I told them about mine. I had the chance to spend my freetime with the students outside of school and they were always really nice to me and they shared many of their stories and experiences with me.
All in all, I had an amazing time in Vienna, Fernanda-1.jpgwhich is a lovely place with a lot of history. I had a lot of fun and I learnt many new things about this part of Europe and its people! I loved the school and I'm very thankful for this incredible experience.
Fernanda Márquez, Sagrado Corazón de México