Ni-hao in Vienna

Culture Exchange Taipei – Vienna June 2015

On the first day in Vienna most of us Taiwanese students thought that our time in class would be very boring, but after the first class we changed our minds. Both the Austrian teachers and pupils were really friendly and interesting. They treated us well and made friends with us. They also gave us an amazing experience of classes at Vienna’s Sacred Heart grammar school.

During this educational trip we not only learnt and saw many new things as we visited Vienna’s famous sights, but we learned about the importance of team work: we hadn’t met the Austrian students before we came to Vienna, but we needed to prepare for our joint performance at the “Gartenfest” whilst still in Taiwan. We were able to discuss things online, but we had to do this in English. We tried hard to communicate what we wanted to do and how the performance should be. In the end it all worked out really well and we did a great job in the final performance! I’m so glad that this was such a success and that we were also able to make new friends in Austria. Although we live in a different country and speak a different language, we were able to communicate with the students in Vienna.

I learned several things on this trip; the most important was about being brave. We needed to have the courage to go to another country, to try and understand another culture and a different point of view, and to talk to foreigners.
I am grateful to my school for providing this possibility to learn so many new things, and to Sacred Heart School, Vienna for putting on international lessons for us. I hope I can come back to Vienna again and look forward to seeing you guys next year.
Lin Yi Te from The Sacred Heart in Taipei