Our time at Sacred Heart Preparatory Atherton, California

Our time at SHP Atherton, California was probably one of the best times of our lives. We made lots of new friends and met so many nice people.  Everything in the USA is so different to Austria, and because of that this exchange was such an amazing experience.
"At first it was a bit confusing for me because IIMG_1601.JPG am an only child and suddenly I had a family with three more brothers. But, of course I got used to it. After they had shown me their house, I was really impressed how huge and amazing it was.  
The school campus was amazing! It's HUGE and it took us forever to find my way around! There is a pool, over 5 athletic facilities and even a farm! Goats are raised on campus, geese, rabbits, turkeys, chickens and even a small pony! Isn't that crazy?! In addition to all of that there is an area where RSCJ sisters from all over the world live, and the part of the school where the classrooms are consists of 3 buildings!

On my first day of IMG_1610.JPGschool Marlene and I got introduced to SHP by the lovingly exchange coordinator, Deborah Farrington. She was amazing, because she always took us on after school trips when our host siblings had practice or some kind of work to do.

The campus is awesome because it has a lot of sports facilities for different kinds of sport. Additionally, I love the US-American school system: It is so much different when students come to the teacher’s classroom and want him/her to teach them. It makes you participate in a class with much more joy. All in all, I've made a great experience and I would recommend going on exchange for everybody who loves travelling."

Nikodemus Murnberger, Sacred Hear Grammar School Vienna, Austria

"I thought the most amazing thing was to experience the IMG_1603.JPGUS-American way of living and their way of handling things. My host family was amazing, they welcomed me so warmly and helped me in every way possible! For example, the weekend after I arrived they took me to Disneyland in Los Angeles which was so much fun! I'm so glad that they decided to host me and I'm so excited for Kyra to come to Vienna this summer!

Also, I'm so IMG_1604.JPGhappy about the opportunity to go to California, because California is beautiful in every aspect! The houses, nature, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and of course the people there! Californians are so incredibly nice and they made everything so much fun! One of my funniest experiences was the day it rained: They don't have rain in California very often, so when it rained for one day of my time there, EVERYONE in school was wearing rain boots! It was hilarious! And it didn't even rain hard! I loved it! "

Marlene Hotz, Sacred Heart Grammar School Vienna, Austria
All in all this exchange gave us so much to take back home. We gained so many happy memories and we would definitely recommend the exchange program to every single Sacred Heart student! And we surely improved our English too!