Vienna meets Washington

Exchange between Sacré Coeur Wien and The Sacred Heart School of Stone Ridge
Going on exchange has always been my dream. I have always wanted to visit a foreign country, go to school there, meet new people and experience life in a different culture. That’s why I was extremely happy when an exchange to the Sacred Heart School of Stone Ridge in Washington D.C. was offered to me. At that moment I didn’t know that that month would be the best experience in my life.
So, a few months later I finally met my host family and I feel like I spent one month in the best host family I could ever ask for. I got along very well with every single member of the big family (7 kids!) and I miss them so much. Probably the best moment in America was when Charlotte, who is 4 years old, told a woman, who we randomly met at a restaurant, that I was the new sister in the family. So at this point I would like to thank my host family for being so welcoming and making me feel like a part of this family. I am very grateful for every moment we spent together.
The only time I was nervous was on my first day of school. However, all my doubts turned out to be completely unnecessary. The school community was very welcoming and caring and I met so many new, amazing people. I am still surprised and impressed that a regular school day in Washington is so different from mine here in Vienna. If I were to choose a favorite teacher or class, I wouldn’t be able to do so because I really enjoyed every single minute.
This exchange means a lot to me because it has broadened my horizon and made me rise above several American stereotypes. I made many new contacts and acquaintances turned into real friendship. Moreover, I cannot wait for my host sister Julia to come and see me in Vienna in June.
I believe that this exchange did not only improve my English skills but also enriched my personality and positively changed my way of thinking. This is why I would encourage everyone to apply for this exchange program. It is totally worth it.
Anastasia Tandecki, 6B