Theatre Workshop 2E
America – A play based on Bariccio´s „Novocento“

The week before Easter wasn´t just any week: It was our one and only theatre workshop week, where all children in 2E could show their acting talent.
We started off by presenting ourselves to our new teachers for the week, Eric and Andrew, both professional actors from England. In the morning we played funny games including acting like a rabbit and we also did braintraining exercises  to strengthen our concentration. Eric and Andrew helped us to learn our texts well and showed us how to do really good facial expressions. We all enjoyed being junior actors and actresses and playing exciting roles.
Our play called „America“ offered a lot of different roles: Some played rich snobs, some  busy butlers, others gypsies and poor people, not to forget our beloved Europeans, the noisy Italians and the crazy French. All of these people want to make a new life in America. Some of their reasons are to make their way up their career ladder or to become teachers. The group with all these different characters has to sail on a ship for several weeks. After some problems at the beginning of the journey they all finally see the truth when the captain of the ship gets  shot in a duel between the two classes. In the end the rich family offer the poor family their friendship and they  accept. In America they want to start a charity project for poor children.
On the last day we performed our play and sang and danced to the song „New York, New York“. After the performance we jumped into our parents´ or relatives´ arms, who congratulated us. The whole week was a big success.
Deborha, Kathi, Klara, Matthias L.
It was a very cool time, even if it was hard work because of the long roles and the many positions and movements we had to memorize. The audience was quite impressed by our performance.
The whole week was a lot of fun, interesting and educational. We were taught a lot about theatre, acting, singing and dancing.
I like acting and that´s why I liked the theatre workshop.
Form me the theatre workshop was a great fun and also helped our class community a lot. It was a wonderful week.
I think it was a marvellous experience to see how well we can work together and how much we can achieve with TEAMWORK. At first I was a little nervous, because we would have to speak in front of a lot of people. When I was on stage, I suddenly forgot about my fear and went on. Even though we are not professionals, we all did really well.
The play shows that by sticking together and becoming friends you can reach your target – in the play it is the destination „America“ – for us it is our class community.