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At 5 o´ clock on the morning of September 12th we met at Vienna Airport to get our plane to London Heathrow, where we were welcomed by Jo, the owner of Moorland Hall in Dartmoor National Park.

After storing our luggage in his trailer, we took the underground to our youth hostel in the city centre. From there we started our sightseeing tour, which took us to Hyde Park, Chinatown, Trafalgar Square and the London Eye. The tour included a boat trip on the river Thames to Tower Bridge, where we had dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Then we returned to our hostel and fell asleep after a long and exhausting day.

On the 2nd day we visited Buckingham Palace, walked through Green Park to Covent Garden, did some shopping, which was great, and finally took the tube to the airport, where our instructors Tom and Tristan were already waiting to drive us to Moorland Hall. This journey took nearly five hours.
Every day started with breakfast at 8 o´ clock. Then we split into two groups: the first one had English lessons in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Half a day was set aside for activities like Jacob´s ladder, archery, high ropes, surfing and mountain biking with Tristan, Dan and Ned.

At the weekend we visited Plymouth, went shopping, watched “Paranorman” in the cinema and visited the Victorian village, an open-air museum. The day we liked best was Wednesday 19th, when we went on an excursion to Cornwall. We stopped at Tintagel Castle and then arrived at a beautiful beach. Those of us who wanted to go surfing went to get surf boards and wet suits; the others built sand sculptures. In the evening we did a teamwork activity with the English students from Notting Hill. In mixed groups – three Austrian and three British students – we had to build a tower out of thin sticks and tape.  We also had to design our own flag for the tower. Though most of the towers were big failures, we all had a laugh and went to bed very happy.

We enjoyed every day in England and when we had to leave, we were incredibly sad because we knew we would miss the people we met there. Our trip to Moorland Hall was an experience we will never forget!

Caroline Uwineza Bramberger, Bianca Frysak, Ariadni Matsacos 4E