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Sprachreise New Orleans 2013/14

Our trip to New Orleans

In preparation for the journey the fellow travelers met three times in total in order to organize the trip: Our teacher supplied us with various handouts including necessary and as each student had to give a presentation in New Orleans, we went through those as well. Moreover, one of our teachers had already been at our destination in summer so she told us much about New Orleans and could answer all our questions –because of all these very promising points I mentioned me and my class-mates were looking forward to the trip. And as we would be the first group to ever visit the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans we felt even more excited: Not only did we expect to have a lot of fun, to gain new experiences but also to come into contact with a totally different culture.

Afterwards, I can honestly say that all our expectations had been fulfilled - although we just stayed two weeks in Nola, as the inhabitants call New Orleans, I learned more than I had imagined: Not only did we participate in the classes of the Sacred Heart students there (and made a lot of friends whom I’m still in contact with) but we also got to know much about the history of the “Big Easy” - we were especially taught much about the time of slavery and the civil war as we visited famous plantations where the slaves worked.
Furthermore I was particularly interested in how hurricane Katrina had affected the lives of the people living there, in the architecture and in the French Quarter - I’m glad that I got know so much about those points through presentations and through trips in downtown New Orleans.

I think that by reading this it’s quite clear that me and my classmates really enjoyed the trip, not only because of all the experiences but also because we got to know each other better – I’m now friends with people from my parallel class whom I hadn’t even known before our journey and I think that at this juncture it’s the right time to once again thank Mrs. Gmeindl-Oser and Mrs. Andrasch for making this all possible!

Sophie-Therese Mitterer, 6E